Bullying in the work place

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Re: Bullying in the work place

Post by JHyre » Thu Jan 05, 2012 12:35 pm


Actually, I disagree with me on "Latins & racism" on one point: Indios. Chileans (and most other Latins) can be very racist where pure-blood Europeans, mestizos and especially Indios are concerned. But with regard to most categories,black & white, asian, etc, Chileans are generally pretty benign (though certain other Latins, such as Dominicans vis-a-vis Haitians, care deeply about black vs. white). Do not confuse "benign" with "politically correct". They'll make generalizations (about "Chinitos" for example, which for Chileans means most anyone from non-Indian Asia) that upset "sensitive" people. The generalization is generally pretty benign and well-meant, but not the sort of thing one would mention in the US for fear of the PC Police putting an undeserved KKK hood on your head. Chileans are much more frank about such matters than Americans or Europeans. You can actually discuss race in Chile, not so much in the US, at least not publicly, unless it is to loudly show how enlightened you are by mouthing the present orthodoxy (Blacks oppressed, rednecks stupid, whites should feel guilty, negative generalizations about whites OK, positive generalization about minorities OK, etc.)

I agree on egalitarian management style in Chile. Works about as well as egalitarian governance, circa 1970.

John Hyre

PS: Jakob, might I borrow a nickel? :)

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Re: Bullying in the work place

Post by Fugger » Thu Jan 05, 2012 2:43 pm

JHyre wrote:PS: Jakob, might I borrow a nickel? :)
I'm impressed John Hyre.

Actually the avatar represents Anton, which was a grandson of Jakob the Elder and a nephew of Jakob the Rich. Anton was in charge of the family business in 1531 when they received a claim on the territory which was to become Chile.
1531 pacta sunt servanda

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Re: Bullying in the work place

Post by General_Ohiggins » Thu Jan 05, 2012 5:30 pm

burt46 wrote:
zer0nz wrote:race, size, class?..........
size...........................not really
class and education.........yes,
sexist comments............yes,

I'm bald and used to get frequently slapped on the head as a greeting by a junior. ( :roll: )
Really??????????????? is he a close friend of you or something?????????? or it's your employee????????????? because if you are his boss I dont think that is a correct behaviour !!!! even though if he's an "equal" in your workplace I dont think it's appropriate!!! probably he thinks what someone mention bfore u are just a "gringo" and you are stupid and he can do whatever he wants with you! so take that into acount.They should respect you as his workmate , his boss and as most important a person!

About that comments which you see as rude! I can tell you that happened to me the other way around, when I was working in Canada, I used to call everyone as "that philipino, that chinese, the black girl in the frontdesk, etc etc" because here in the chilean culture (If we have one) that seems to be a very normal behaviour, so my boss talked to me about this issue. It's just the way we are, most of the time we are not trying to offend anyone.

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