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Re: Conditions

Post by admin » Fri Sep 05, 2008 1:16 am

The thing I have found with neighbors in Chile is that you got to kind of want to have a relationship with them. If you open the possibility with more than just a occasional discussion or an invite over for a beer, you will open the door to friends. On the other hand the really nice thing about Chile is the neighbors will leave you alone for the most part. So, you got to kind of invite a friendship. Of course, the more rural you go the friendlier people get. In fact, there is almost a magical rural line where neighbor, acquaintance, family, stranger, friend breaks down to a point of being fairly well meaningless. I think it happens in town around a few thousand people or so. At least in the Patagonia it does. Not so much in Southern Chile in General.
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Re: Conditions

Post by Chuck J 3.0 » Sat Sep 06, 2008 2:03 pm

My only problem with neighboors was the kid who always kicked his soccer ball against my apt. door. He would dribble it down the stairwell and at the bottom kick a goal into my door. After a couple times I told him to knock it off. To no effect. After a few more times I told him he really needed to quit it. He kept doing it. One time he did it as I was opening the door, he ran away laughing when he saw me. Finally one day I waited for him. After he kicked the ball against my door and ran away I followed him out and found him. I grabbed his shirt and said.... something..... I really don't remember what I said. But it is amazing how well I speak Spanish when I'm pissed off. :mrgreen:
Yes, I admit this may not have been the best method of handling this problem. The next day his father knocks on my door, rather loudly. He's talking a mile a minute and making like he wants to kick my ass with the macho posturing and all. I stand there sort of in the doorway and let him vent, and vent and vent. When he's done I calmly explain the situation to him, I apologize for grabbing the kids shirt but I tell Dad that I had asked Junior, several times, to stop smacking the ball into my door everyday. Junior was standing there all innocent until now. I can see Dad now understands Junior was being a jerk by kicking the ball into my door but Dad persists with the loud threats anyway. So I patiently wait for Dad to stop yakking and walk away which he finally does, (Hey, I understand he wants to look good in front of his kid) finally he turns and starts walking back up the stairs - but he comes back to do some more yakking and macho posturing! Now I've about had enough and step out of the doorway with a dead-serious look on my face - up until then I didn't want to embarrass him in front of his kid but this is too much. He see's I'm ready to rumble, if he wants to, and he turns quickly and walks back up the stairs. His mouth wrote a check his body couldn't cash. I was ready to body slam the skinny f*ck*r to the concrete if he touched me. I can roll with and accept a lot of things but I had to draw the line there. And you know what? Problem solved. That kid never kicked his ball against my door again. Needless drama. Could have turned out bad with a gringo in jail for assualt but it didn't.

Noise? no problem. Kids playground next to my dept. window? OK, I got used to it eventually. Stereos at 3 am? no problem, I learned to live with it, I'm up anyway. Soccer ball against my front door..... no.

Oh, and the funny part of all this, the next day a Carabeneiro knonks on my door! My heart was in my throat - I thought Dad was being a jerk and called the cops. But the carabeneiro only wants to know about my next door neighboor (not the kids Dad, they were upstairs) apparently the guy skipped out on his rent.

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Re: Conditions

Post by RuneTheChookcha » Sat Sep 06, 2008 2:22 pm wrote:While cats occasionally vocalize to one another ... they generally communicate with one another through body language ...

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Re: Conditions

Post by Gloria » Sun Sep 07, 2008 12:23 pm

:D :D I love when that happens!
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