What's wrong with this country?

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Re: What's wrong with this country?

Post by otravers » Wed Jul 20, 2011 12:32 pm

This page? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Re%C3%B1aca_beach

This deserves some debunking. First off some moron decided to delete the Reñaca page and redirect it to a page about just the beach. The 30,000 people in Reñaca I'm sure will love it. It's convenient to forget about Reñaca Alto / Gomez Carreño and sure looks better as a touristic brochure...

Second, they did recent "housecleaning" on that page but mention Sagrado Corazon which actually closed last year. My 10-year old daughter produces better homework. If I had more time I'd look up who's behind these "updates."

The page in Spanish is less bad, though it thinks Bosque de Montemar is in Reñaca when it's really in Concon, and it has blatant advertising in it:

I know the hotel which spammed that page quite well since we visited that house 2 years ago to possibly buy it, and knew the French family who rented it for a couple of years. These guys are not bragging about the sorry and perilous state of the Bellavista hill which the authorities have started to work on but is far from being sorted out. Hopefully the new owners fixed the electricity in this house!

Bottom line: there's a significant amount of whitewashing in a lot of what's posted online about Chile. Parts of Jardin del Mar and Los Almendros are nice residential areas, MacKay where our son goes to school has a good infrastructure, but I don't care for the rest of Reñaca after living 2 years there.

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