SCL airport begins to suck

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Re: SCL airport begins to suck

Post by zer0nz » Fri Jun 06, 2014 6:17 pm

eeuunikkeiexpat wrote:
paladin wrote:I think that bearing in mind that the Pacific is completely free, there really is nothing to complain about. The others charge, and in my opinion, are a waste of money.
Depends on how much you drink :!: and eat vs. the prices outside the lounge. Not to mention hassle free banda ancha access and other amenities and a more tranquil preflight experience. The agents (assuming you are flying on the metal of the airline lounge you are in) can also work miracles if needed. The $50 AA one (buy it online and there is no IVA) is quite worth it for me for the previous reasons at SCL and the coffee and relaxation at DFW (included in the one-day pass SCL purchase) before boarding the flight to LAX.
Pacific Club Pros and Cons
Free Wifi
Free Coffee from the machine that grinds the beans
Free Cheese Rolls
Free Wine
Free Spirits
Free Beer (only royal usually)
Available in Puerto Montt, Punta Arenas and other largers domestic airports
Availaible in domestic in sanitago!
No hot food
Beginning to be crowded as more and more Chileans get free access with there banks credit cards
Too many children
Less professional crowd, means more noise!
Only pepsi
TV always on futball
Not available outside chile

Chrismas time was crazy, just managed to find a seat, full of kids.. reminded me of the qantas lounges in aussie, full of kids as every miner had access thanks to there work... no matter what level of profession, the chileans were a bit more civilized!

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