New Chile Immigration Law: Amnesty for people with "irregular" Visa status

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New Chile Immigration Law: Amnesty for people with "irregular" Visa status

Post by admin » Tue Apr 20, 2021 7:04 pm

The new immigration law was published today. Large portions of it are not in yet in effect. This is about just one little part.

I am going to post in a series of separate threads, various things about the new immigration law. That will take some time, possibly years, as we decrypt the law, the regulations, and the actual implementation in practice. Thus, I am not going to answer questions nor discuss the other parts of the law at this time, to avoid creating more confusion. The new law does a great job of that already. :roll:

This one is about the Amnesty being offered to people that are currently in Chile under an "irregular" visa status.

Anyone in the country with a pending visa application with immigration should stay away from this and not attempt to use this law. It will cause far more problem than it solves.

This is ONLY for people that are currently irregular in the country, and the deadline is 180 days from today. All normal penalties that would have applied are waved.

The entire process is done online, and is done through:

These things you must have to qualify:

1. You must have entered Chile by 18th of March, 2020

2. You must have entered by an official port of entry (e.g land boarder crossing, airport, etc), and received a Chilean tourist visa card on entry.

3. You need to request a criminal report from your home country (yea, we know, this was designed to make people "go away" ).

4. You must pay the visa fee of $90 U.S. per adult. Children do not pay a fee.

A couple of examples of situations. You entered before the date above on a tourist visa, at some point it expired, and you never really fixed that. You would be eligible to use this.

Another, people that entered legally, applied for residency, and it was rejected for whatever silly reason (e.g. lack of funds to support yourself, lack of documentation, etc), and you never fixed that.

More information can be found on the department of immigration website at the link above.

In theory, you are suppose to be issued a Temporary Residency Visa, that allows you to live and work in Chile; with a path to permanent residency.
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