Living wills in Chile

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Living wills in Chile

Post by admin » Thu Apr 09, 2020 7:25 pm

well, suppose there is not a great time for this discussion, but...given the circumstances....

So, this article got me thinking about living wills, because the article made a very big error. seems even the doctors interviewed were not really aware of how it works in Chile. It is fairly new. so, I figured a lot of foriegners were not aware of it either. ... sumos.html

Great article by the way, where they interview an 82 year old man and he says, "he does not want to be on a machine, if it could save someone younger". He also did not want to burden the doctors with the ethical dilemma.

Anyway, Chile does have 'living wills'. You can appoint someone, while you got "all your marbles" as they say, to act on your behalf if you are unable to make decisions for yourself for some reason.

The law was passed a few years back, and we have been doing them for a while for our clients. Typically we do wills and living wills together, just to cover all the possibilities.

They did make an important point in that article that is often missed: TALK TO YOUR FAMILY ABOUT IT IN ADVANCE!!!!

My father, an attorney in the united states, use to say don't depend on your organ donor card or that checkbox on your driver licences. When time counts, you don't want a problematic family member holding things up out of emotion or confusion, or some vague conversation from years ago (happens way more than people imagine).

Same with living wills. Make sure everyone knows what you want to do, before an emergency.
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