Accreditation of gringo (South African) graduation certificates

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Accreditation of gringo (South African) graduation certificates

Post by mprytz » Tue May 21, 2019 12:52 pm

Hi there

I have contracted a Chilean law firm to assist me in applying for a Visa Para Profesionales y Técnicos. I have provided them with all the documents but they have some concerns about my South African bachelors degree certificate. The certificate just says "Bachelor of Science" without any indication of which particular field or other information. They think this might be a problem.

I have also supplied them with my full university transcript. They are still a bit nervous about submitting and have asked me for a certificate specifying how many hours of study equivalent this degree equates to. I don't think they've ever processed a South African before!

Are there any other South Africans on the forum who can attest to what university documents the Chilean authorities are happy with?

Or can anyone else share some wisdom?

Thanks and looking forward to your replies

Michael Prytz

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