extranjeria, new system of appointments

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extranjeria, new system of appointments

Post by paladin » Mon May 13, 2019 7:05 pm

It wasnt too long along ago that the dept of extranjeria announces with bells and whistles, their new system of attending by appointment only, at least as far as the issuance of permanent residence does. A friend of mine, who recently received his approval for permanent residence, and was advised by email that a date and time to pick up his carne would be sent to him once there was availability. He then received notification that he should present himself today at 3 pm, and if he didnt show up , his appointment would be cancelled.
As his Spanish is only basic, I went with him, and we arrived early, only to see the usual chaos outside, where there were various signs saying, attendance was only by appointment. We fought our way to the entrance, where we were told that “ adentro está colapsado con gente” and they couldnt attend to anyone else today, so we should return tomorrow between 8.30-15.00 when we would be attended to based on order of arrival. I asked how that could be if all appointments for that day, were taken, and hence they wouldnt be able to attend to everyone from today plus those arranged for tomorrow. The man at the door, obviously had no idea and didnt care anyway.
So here we go again with the same old chaos.

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