Nacionalidad! Application process and questions regarding the little tit-bits!

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Nacionalidad! Application process and questions regarding the little tit-bits!

Post by cr0zzb0w » Sat Mar 16, 2019 12:57 pm

There has been quite a few in-depth discussions about getting citizenship and the caveats involved with the whole process. Since the doors are open to me, I figured I would open a thread with my own concerns so as to calm my anxiety a bit.

The Specifics

I am from a small island nation in South Asia by the name of Sri Lanka (formally a British colony by the name of Ceylan!).
I moved to chile in 2013 and was on a “subject to contract” visa for the first two years and later was awarded my PD afterwords.
Been continuously working the same job ever since my first contract, and all the AFP and medical provisions have been paid on time and in order. I’ve also been “pituteando” with some freelance work here and there while being paid via “boletas honorarios”!

I also have Chilean pareja and a daughter who is Chilean as well.

The concerns

Since there is a lot of talk about the massive influx of immigrants and possible future rule changes I figured it'll be prudent to apply for the nacionalidad as soon as I'm eligible.
I'm very well aware that this tramite take around two years and I’d rather be safe and over prepared than blow the whole thing on a bureaucratic technically.

I have a few concerns and questions that I have that I hope the membership can help me out with.

The questions
  • The form to fill
The way I understand it, the only cover document that needs to be filled “SOLICITUD CARTA DE NACIONALIZACIÓN” to be downloaded from extranjería. From my experience with filling forms for my past visas, I remember filling a lot more information. Is this the only document that needs to be filled and attached, or is there more I am unaware of.
  • The application process
The documentation says to do it the same way as always. Wack all the documents in an envelope and send it along to “CLASIFICADOR N° 8, CORREO CENTRAL SANTIAGO”. If there is any other way, please comment
  • Processing staff
This is a tricky question. Are the same “funcionarios” who process the thousands of residency applications the same staff who process nacionalidad applications?. I bring this up because I hear lots and lots of horror stories regarding extranjeria losing envelopes and staff who just arbitrary ask for more documentation without even opening then folder. The amount of effort and documentation that needs to be assembled for the nationality application is significantly more and complicated than for any other visa application Therefore it would be a shame if for something stupid to happen to result in the need for a resubmission.
  • System for checking.
Does nacionalidad applications appear in the same system online as for other applications? I’m guessing that is the official way of tracking the application. Those who have gone through this process, please comment.
  • Police report “the 20-day requirement”
This point is a real problem for me as Sri Lanka is so far away, and the process of applying for a police clearance certificate is not the most predictable. Plus the requirement to legalize the document is also an issue as Sri Lanka only has an honorary consulate. It would be very optimistic to think that I would be able to get all this done remotely within the given 20 days. I read here on multiple occasions where the admin mentioned that it would be acceptable to send in a letter explaining why the report is more than 20 days older as long as it’s “reasonably recent”. If you have more info on this or have experience with this please share.
  • Legalizing
The steps to realize this, the way I understand it.

1. Get police clearance certificate from the relevant authority
2. Get the document stamped by the ministry of external affairs (Foreign ministry of Sri Lanka)
3. Get the document counter stamped by the honorary consulate of Chile in Sri Lanka
4. Get the document counter stamped by the “Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores” (Never done this.. Please share if you have gone through this process)
  • Renovating ID, surrendering PR certificate
Read here several times that it's always a good idea to get the ID renovated before applying for citizenship. I still have quite a few years left in my carnet, so is it possible to renew whenever I want, or I have to do it the last couple of days or so.

Regarding surrendering the PR certificate, I was under the impression that that has to be done way in the future when the process was significantly completed.
  • The PDI interview
Is this still a thing. Is there a compulsory interview for every application or is this one of those random things that some have to while others don’t. And if there is such an interview, what is the structure of such an even, and some heads up would be most appreciated


Apart from this is there anything but should be aware of, or any secret sauce to add in oder to help my application from going bottom up. I apologize for this massive post with lots of information that has been asked and answered in part or in full. I wanted to present my situation in full so as to understand the whole scope of the question.

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