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Renewing cedula in new town

Posted: Tue Feb 06, 2018 8:22 pm
by picalena
Hi, kids -

I did a search on the foro but could not really find an answer other than Donnybrook's story.

Can someone with permanencia definitiva who had their cedula issued at one registro civil just go to PDI and RC in another location (say half a country away in a more temperate climate) to renew it, or is that fraught with complications (I mean more than the *usual* complications)? And also add the wrinkle that their passport has been replaced (new number) and is a different number than the one that their PD (and cedula, I guess) were issued under.

Asking for a friend. :mrgreen:


Re: Renewing cedula in new town

Posted: Tue Feb 06, 2018 8:33 pm
by Donnybrook
Somewhere you are not a resident? Not every PDI office can do it. I saw a list somewhere on the internet so you could look for it. In theory, if they are amenable and have an extranjeria office, you can do it. I went to Viña for the PDI certificate and could have done the RC there. Quite a few people have done it there. I got ticked off, told I should do it in Santiago, but they did it. Depends who you get. Others have tried Los Andes but they don't like doing it and it takes 5 days for them to give you the certificate. I got mine in Viña right away. My permanencia card is so old it is a museum piece and they said I wasn't registered but took my photo and registered me! I think if you try to do it too far away you might have a wait for them to produce the certificate. As usual, YMMV.