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Post by Donnybrook » Thu Jan 18, 2018 11:59 pm

jehturner wrote:
Thu Jan 18, 2018 11:35 pm
Thanks, Donnybrook.

I ended up making a couple of Web appointments for "renovacion Chileno" and taking the kids in this morning. There were also "bloqueo" and "reimpresion" options for the appointment, but their FAQs say 1) that if you do a "bloqueo permanente" at the RC, you then have to request a new cedula anyway and 2) that if you request a new cedula, the previous one gets blocked automatically. This approach seemed to work out fine -- they took some new pictures of the kids and issued a piece of paper saying that their old cedulas had been temporarily blocked (again, presumably until the new ones are delivered). It only costs about $3800 pesos each, doesn't take long (with the Web appointment) and now the children will have some photos that don't look like new-born babies. I'm not sure whether the expiry date will be extended (I think so?), but perhaps the distinction between renewal and reissue is a bit academic here. We presented their passports as identification and I'm not sure what document(s) they would have asked for if we didn't have those, but they were able to pull up the previous photos easily (in my son's case, his recent passport photo), so maybe the RUN number would be sufficient for someone who is recognizable. I think the RC has to take the prize for the most-improved government office in the past couple of years, having gone from completely unbearable to really rather efficient (at least for some purposes). Now, if only certain others would follow suit...
Glad it worked out. Once you work out what hoops they want you to jump through it isn't too bad.

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