Rentista visa financial requirements, etc

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Rentista visa financial requirements, etc

Post by Esteban2017 » Sun Mar 12, 2017 1:15 am

Hi, I am a US citizen thinking about going to Chile. What is minimum income that Extranjero wants to see in order to qualify for a Rentista visa? I have read as low as $1000 per person and also read a minimum of $1500. Is $1000 accurate?

Does it have to be from pension, rent income, or annuities, or can it be from an online job (I work for a company in Russia online).

Also, does it make a big difference if you apply in the Metropolitan region as opposed to the Provinces? Are they more lax in the Provinces or do they scrutinize you more because there are less applicants? Of course in the Provinces the cost of living is less so then the monthly income amount may be lower too right (just speculating).

Also, another question: how long does it take for an answer: 4 months? Can I start looking for a Teach English job during those 4 months, if I get hired, can I re-submit my application for a Contract visa or do I have to wait for the first answer before submitting a second application for a work contract visa? Sorry for the complicated question.

Please let me know...I'm departing in 5 months and Chile is on my shortlist. Would really appreciate some detailed feedback.



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Re: Rentista visa financial requirements, etc

Post by renandres » Fri Aug 11, 2017 4:33 pm

Hi! Have you received a response to these questions? I am in the same situation and have the same questions. Any help you can proved me would be muchly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!

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Re: Rentista visa financial requirements, etc

Post by HybridAmbassador » Sat Aug 12, 2017 5:39 pm

Hmmm, I guess this question has been answered many times over and should be in the Archive. may be faster to look in above "search" window? I think the forum members are tending to much fresh inquiries.?
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