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Valdivia is the capital of the XIV Los Ríos Region.

See where Valdivia is on Wikimapia.

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  • Valdiviano, Paseo Libertad 50 x Yungay, tele (63) 2240044 [1]


The river cruses are worth it up in to the nature reserve.

Take a ride out (approximately 15km to the west) to Niebla and the Spanish fort and its museum. Don't miss the fish market and the sea lion show.

Stop at the Mapuche village just across the river to see the night and day economic conditions between the super big houses of Valdivia vs the super poverty of a small town struggling to build a tourism industry.

Oncol Park, 32km northwest of Valdivia, is beautiful.


Buses to and from Valdivia:

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