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Chile is administratively divided into fifteen regions.

The regions are divided into provinces.
The provinces are divided into communes.

A large city such as Santiago includes communes, a medium-size city such as Punta Arenas is a commune and a small city such as Los Ángeles is in a commune.

Information on the sub-division of Chile can be found at

This article lists the regions from north to south, and cities or towns of interest in each of them. Details regarding each city and town are found in their respective articles.

Please create an article about any province, commune, city or town you wish, and add it to the appropriate section of this article. There is no common template for these articles, as their qualities will vary.

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XV Region, Arica and Parinacota[edit]

I Region, Tarapacá[edit]

II Region, Antofagasta[edit]

III Region, Atacama[edit]

IV Region, Coquimbo[edit]

  • Greater La Serena, including Coquimbo
  • Pisco Elqui, approximately 77 kilometers east-south east of La Serena, ~100 km by road, ~1.5 hours driving.

V Region, Valparaíso[edit]

RM Region, Santiago Metropolitan[edit]

  • Cajón del Maipo, southeast of metropolitan Santiago
  • Santiago conurbation, the nation's capital, largest city and largest conurbation at approximately 7.2 million people

VI Region, O'Higgins[edit]

VII Region, Maule[edit]

VIII Region, Bio Bío[edit]

IX Region, Araucanía[edit]

XIV Region, Los Ríos[edit]

X Region, Los Lagos[edit]

XI Region, Aisén[edit]

XII Region, Magallanes[edit]

includes information on Torres del Paine