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National politics are usually dominated by two coalitions of political parties:

  • Coalition for Change (Coalición por el Cambio)
    • Chile First Movement (CH1)
    • Independent Decmocratic Union (UDI)
    • National Renewal (RN)
  • Concert of Parties for Democracy (Concertación de Partidos Por la Democracia)
    • Christian Democratic Party (Partido Demócrata Cristiano)
    • Party for Democracy (Partido Por la Democracia)
    • Social Democrat Radical Party (Partido Radical Socialdemócrata)
    • Socialist Party (Partido Socialista de Chile)

President of Chile[edit]

The current president is Sebastián Piñera, the 35th President of the Republic of Chile.

wikipedia entry for Sebastián Piñera

The former president was Michelle Bachelet, the first woman president of Chile. Bachelet was also the first Chilean president to serve under the new four year term limit.

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National Congress[edit]