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Online booking services for chile are becoming common. The following services work well:

Exemption from 19% IVA sales tax[edit]

When booking with hotels take note of the IVA (sales tax requirements); some hotels quote prices with the 19% tax, some without. The ones that quote without means two things....

  • If you are Chilean, or a resident or are in Chile for more than 59 days, you need to pay the 19% IVA,
  • If you are a foreigner in the country for less than 59 days and not for business, you do not need to pay IVA if the hotel provides this option, and you pay with a foreign credit card, or in USD.

Hotels and Hostels in this wiki[edit]

For local information, see the respective city or town article for short-term accommodation in that area.

They are listed on the Regions, Cities, and Towns in Chile article.

Or go directly to the Santiago article.

The short-term accommodation listed in the wiki are usually recommended by at least one forum member. This does not guarantee good service and/or good prices, of course.

Hotels and hostels lists[edit]

Some websites have lists of hotels and hostels. No one has checked the existence or quality of hotels and hostels on these lists: