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What we need help with[edit]

Two types of help:

1. People to add new content. Please have a look around the forum for ideas and information that would make good content to be archived in the Chile Wiki.

2. People who are not so up on everything Chile, but would like to help edit and improve the Chile Wiki by fixing typos and formatting errors.

Andrés's list[edit]

These are actions I intend to pursue; help welcomed:

  • hotels, hostels article info moved to Santiago article; article deleted.
  • integrate RUT and RUN articles.
  • politics article:
    • get someone to list political parties, their coalitions and writeup about chilean branches of govt.
    • fill in gaps in the article
    • get Charles agreement to replace 'recent politics' article with 'politics' article
  • reorganise mammals, birds articles, flora and fauna articles; rename principal article (linked to home page).
  • reorganise transport and car ownership knowledge.
  • add air pollution driving restrictions to Santiago article and any others where it is applicable; green sticker?
  • what is a car which is 'liberado'?
  • integrate communications-related articles into a 'communications' article, e.g. internet, VOIP, phone.
  • reorganise mail forwarding, package forwarding, air freight transport articles
  • create fuels article using Px's data
  • add maps webpages to 'websites' article