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Content rules[edit]

1. Content must be about Chile!!!

2. Content should be something worth preserving and sharing, so the wiki becomes a reference for someone who wishes to learn more about a Chilean topic or location.

  • A couple of lines about something should either be put on the forum or included in a larger article on a broader subject.
  • Entries based upon opinion should be limited to those which are helpful to others, e.g. a good restaurant.

3. Debates and discussions about a wiki article should be relevant to the content of that wiki article.

4. New wiki articles should originate out of popular Chile Forum topics or other information a newcomer to Chile or an area could use.

5. External links applicable to the entirety of an article should be in an External links section, usually at the bottom of an article. Links appropriate to specific section or part of a section can be inline with the text of the section. See the Santiago article for examples.

Writing style guide[edit]

  • Distances should be in kilometers, though miles can also be included in parentheses.
  • Prices should preceded by "CLP", "USD" or other appropriate currency symbol, but not "$" since it is ambiguous.