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Phone numbers[edit]

A Chilean landline phone number (numero fijo)in Santiago (excluding its area code of "2") has eight digits.

A Chilean landline phone number outside Santiago (excluding its two-digit area code) has seven digits.

A Chilean cellphone/mobile (celular) number has eight digits; the first digit is always a 6, 7, 8 or 9.
The code (similar to an area code) used to access Chilean cellphones is a "9".

A phone number with a "600" in the front is charged the same as a local phone call; it can be used form fixed phones and some mobiles.
A phone number with an "800" in the front is a free call from a fixed line.

How to dial phone calls[edit]

  From a landline From a celular
To a landline Area code + phone number = 9 digits total 0 + area code + phone number
To a celular 9 + eight-digit phone number eight-digit phone number
To international carrier code + 0 + country code + area code + phone number same as from a landline

SUBTEL webpage on the 2014 new dialling implementation:

Carrier codes[edit]

Some of the most used carrier codes are:

Movistar(formerly Telefonica): 188

Telmex: 171

Entel: 123

VTR: 111

Telefonica Manquehue [1]: 122

Telefonica del Sur [2]: 121

Chile phone area codes[edit]

Some are on this map:


Phone tips[edit]

  • The carrier code to use will depend upon which company provides services to that landline. Usually calling centers have the carrier they are using published on the wall.
  • If you have a landline in your home, it is usually better to have a long distance and/or international phone call plan. You can probably make long distance and international phone calls without contracting a plan, but prices will be much higher.
  • If you are programming a phone, you might need to insert one or more pauses, for example: 09 P 76200259
  • VALPARAÍSO AND VIÑA DEL MAR phone numbers: Several years ago, a two was added to the front of these numbers. If a phone number from these areas does not work, try adding a "2" in front of the phone number.

Phone companies[edit]

Mail system in Chile[edit]

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