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Schools levels definitions[edit]

  • preescolar = kindergarten
  • basica = years 1 to 8, elementary/primary school and middle school
  • media = years 1 to 4, high school = colegio

Primary schools specializing in English-speaking students[edit]

  • Nido de Aguilas
    • US centric

US centric

  • The Grange
    • Australia/British centric

British centric

Homeschooling in Chile[edit]

Homeschooling in Chile is not illegal.

The following information on homeschooling in Chile is provided by Kathleen McCurdy. Kathleen is a pioneering homeschooling advocate in the US who is now in Chile (where she grew up), providing information about homeschooling through Organización Familia Escolar

Chile has a long tradition of freedom in education and if we're talking about foreigners in Chile, they are pretty much left alone. The Chilean Constitution declares that "parents have the preferential right and the duty to educate their children. It is the responsibility of the State to provide special protection for the exercizing of this right." (Constitución Política de la República de Chile - 1980, Cap. III, Art. 19, N° 10.)

Of course in real life, one encounters bumps in the road--when local authorities haven't been faced with this concept, haven't read the law, and think all children should be in institutions. However, though the law requires that children be educated, it does not require attendance at school. Instead, it defines education as being either formal or informal, with the latter being defined as that which is "facilitated by the interaction with one another and without the tuition of the established institution as the educational agent. It is obtained in a non structured or systematic way from the nucleus of the family, the communicational media and, in general, from the environment in which one is inserted." As per Ley General de Educación (LEGE), Par. 1°, Art. 2° (last part) PDF

The Ministry of education cannot "recognize" any other education than that obtained from a state-funded school. But there are free examinations (examenes libres) available for anyone who wants to "validate" his or her studies. One must approach the office of the regional secretary of education in March to make arrangements for taking the exam, generally administered in October. But these exams are not required, though students from private schools usually must resort to them if the school is not state subsidized.

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