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Chile Wiki For Expats, Gringos, Foreigners, and the curious covering information and resources for working living, relocating, and visiting, ALL of CHILE, South America.

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Getting to Chile

Recent Politics

Safety, Security, Police in Chile

Buying Property, Real Estate Markets in Chile

Banking, credit, taxes, and other money matters

Regions, Cities, and Towns in Chile

Construction and Building in Chile

Immigration, Visas, and Customs in Chile

Health Care and Insurance in Chile

Internet in Chile

Chile Phones, Cell Phones, and Communication

Travel in Chile

Shopping & Retail

Chile Environmental Issues

Chile Flora and Fauna / Chile Plants and Animals

Chile Food and Drink

Schools and Education in Chile

Chilean Spanish


Welcome to the Chile Wiki at and the Chile Forum. The goal of the Chile Wiki for the All Chile Community is to collect together the best information developed from our discussions, debates, and informal chats on the ALL Chile Forum about Chile and organize, refine, and preserve those bits of information in to an authoritative guide for everyone from Foreigners, Expats, Retirees, and others looking to relocate to Chile to Local Chileans, tourist, and those just surfing the web looking for something new.

Getting Started on the Chile Wiki

If you are new to, please start be registering on the forum first:

ALL Chile Forum

Once you have earned your community wings in the forum, then go to the top of the forum and request to be added to the chilewiki group under the usergroups in the forum or PM me (A.K.A. admin) through the forum when you are logged in to request a user account for the Wiki. I will approve the request, then you can login to the Chile Wiki using your forum user name and password. At this time to better preserve the information we are restricting access to established forum members with at least 25 posts. This may change soon, but for now we wish to better control the quality of the Chile Wiki for the whole community. If you have suggestions or information for the Wiki, then jump in at the forum.

For more information also check the Chile Wiki thread in the forum:

Chile Wiki Forum Thread


Chile Wiki Content Guidelines

Also have a look at:

Chile Wiki To Do List For a list of topics and such that we need help with.

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