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This article lists approximate road distances and driving times between locations in Chile, and a few locations outside of Chile.

Road distances were obtained from the roads department or here and are in kilometers. Multiply the number of kilometers times 0.6 to get miles.

Estimated driving times assume good weather, minimal traffic and passes through the Andes are open. Trips through passes to Bolivia and Argentina are dependent upon opening hours for passes or whether they are closed due to recent volcanic activity or storms. Pass status can be found at http://www.pasosfronterizos.gov.cl/complejos_pais.html

The list goes from north to south.

Autopista usage costs and payment methods are in the "autopistas" article.

northern location southern location road km driving time comment
Arica Iquique 307 4h Generally good road conditions; one section of renewal works (Sept 2011) requires a detour.
Iquique Tocopilla 229 3.25h Good road conditions.
Iquique Antofagasta 414 4.5h - 5h via Tocopilla; data source not certain of time; Good road conditions. Santiago <-> Iquique = 1780km via Rutas 5, 28, 1; = 1845km via Rutas 5, 16.
Iquique Antofagasta ~550 8.5h via Ruta 5; with numerous stops to enjoy geoglyphs, cemetaries, food, "customs". Roads ~70% good, ~30% terrible with numerous potholes.
Calama Antofagasta 216 3h The road has sections that wouldn't be out of place in Somalia, with some sections having a limit of 70kmh. Along the way there are interesting oficinas from the nitrate mining days.
Antofagasta Copiapo 574 6.25h via Ruta 5, with two short stops; Good road conditions, apart from section south of Tal Tal, which has a lot of potholes.
Copiapo La Serena 336 4.5h Time depends heavily on traffic and the amount of roadworks going on, particularly in the northern section.
La Serena Santiago 470 6h  
La Ligua Santiago 150 1h45m three tolls totalling CLP6300 on a Sunday evening (May 2012); speed limit usually 100kph or 120kph; a long row of fruit, vegetable and flower stalls worth stopping at ~97km from Santiago.
Portillo Santiago   2h30m via Colina; Portilla Hotel and ski centre is approximately 7km from the border with Argentina; times can be greater when there is more traffic because most of the road, including Route 57 south of Los Andes to the Autopista, is one lane each way and there are many trucks on the route.
Mendoza, Arg. Santiago ~350   Time excludes immigration/customs at border, and assumes the pass/border is open [1]. See the Mendoza article for more trip info.
Valparíso Santiago 117    
Santiago San Antonio 112    
Santiago Rancagua 84 1.25h if taking routes 79 and 5 is is 2 tolls = CLP600 + CLP2000; via Ruta 5 only is CLP2000
Rancagua Talca 172 1.5h ruta 5, 2xCLP2000 tolls, speed limit 80 - 120kph, usually 120kph, two lanes each direction.
Talca Chillán 151 1.25h ruta 5, CLP2000 toll; speed limit 90 - 120kph, usually 120kph; two lanes each direction.
Chillán Concepción 98   Santiago <-> Concepción = 500km via Rutas 5, 152, 150.
Chillán Temuco 288   Pucon to Santiago ~8 hours
Temuco Osorno 249    
Osorno Frutillar 66 0h45m  
Frutillar Puerto Montt 42 0h40m  
Osorno Futaleufú 611 12h Drive is via Argentina, assuming the Cardenal A. Samoré and Futaleufú passes are open.
Puerto Montt Futaleufú 494 ~16h Overnight (~12 hours) on a ferry from Puerto Montt, and another 4 hour dirt road drive to Futa.
Puerto Natales Punta Arenas 241 3h Mostly good fast road, a few up and downhills and some slow curves, a lot of open plains. Winds can slow you down. The 20 minutes closest to PA can be slow due to local traffic.

Warnings: There can be packed snow and ice on the road from the end of May until October or November. Worst June - September. These affect driving times. Big buses are sometimes blown off the road or stuck in drifting snow. Winds affect summer bicyclists who get all over the road in big gusts. There are hot (live) minefields on both sides of the highway close to Cabeza del Mar. They are well-marked and have good fences.