netflix USA vs. Chile account

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netflix USA vs. Chile account

Postby admin » Thu Jul 28, 2016 11:00 pm

o.k. so I was looking at getting a netflix account.

I am debating the value of a U.S. vs. Chilean account. All the same to me, other than the minor technical annoyance of setting up a U.S. proxy; but, I have a server in the states with lot's of slack bandwidth not being used. so, not that big of deal.

This site seems to show, that the Chilean library is about half of what is available in the United States.

By the way. Note to movie and tv industry in the United States: IF YOU DON'T WANT YOUR CRAP PIRATED, RELEASE IT AT THE SAME TIME AS THE UNITED STATES!!!!

It is Americans that are pirating and shipping your content overseas before you can.

I bought a copy of the latest start wars (#4) off the street of China, 3 weeks before it was even released in the United States. Someone leaked it from the studio. So just go for it. Let everyone see the content at the same time, and piracy will be about 1/10th because everyone has already seen it. It is a 1930's block buster mentality, in an internet age.
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Re: netflix USA vs. Chile account

Postby npugh22 » Fri Jul 29, 2016 12:11 am

if you have a 5g option on your wireless just set it up for both. I set up a proxy on my 802.11n (Normal) and leave the 802.11ac (5g) to read like it's in Chile. Then if I want Chilean netflix, I go with the 5g wifi connection and if I want the US netflix I go with the proxied wifi.

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Re: netflix USA vs. Chile account

Postby thisisreallycomplicated » Fri Jul 29, 2016 3:34 am

I used to log in from the US and Canada, but they blocked my proxy, so I can't anymore. If you run your own, they might not detect it. I don't think Netflix really cares, but they have to make it look like they're trying. The Chilean selection isn't nearly as good, but you get used to it. And you can't always get English subtitles, but that seems to be improving. I'd just start with the Chilean version, then set up your proxy later if you still want it.
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Re: netflix USA vs. Chile account

Postby Dosedmonkey » Sun Jul 31, 2016 6:42 am

In the UK we get 2/3rds if that netflix and amazon prime content they do in USA. How much does it cost in the US? Its about $10.5 dollar for month each in UK. They have to set up seperate contracts for each country and nothibg is designed around streamig yet. All films are epic old on ther services. Only good for their original programs and watching occasional classic.

As for film release dates, yeah some film companies do release thrm in every country at same time, others delay it as they want to pay advertising in only prime countries and then let the natural hype of a success travel around the world I feel.

Cinema is so expensive in UK about 8mil Chilean peso for a normal ticket. Although I found a local cinema for $5clp for ticket. And thats 2D.

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