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Re: Leaving Chile before Visa in process..

Postby nybred1968 » Thu Sep 10, 2009 1:20 am

Gloria wrote:Well, well, well....what a small world.I was close to all the areas you mentioned and a stone away from Mays Landing NJ. I wish you a wonderful trip back to the States together with your 4 legged friend. I'm staying put right here and although I have deep roots in US, I have no intentions of going back. :alien:

Making the decision to go back wasn't easy and I still have days I wish I wasn't going. For various reasons, we just came to a mutual decision it would be best if I go and come back in the spring. Plus, I really do miss my racehorses... Going to go get my fix and come back.
Thanks for the good wishes. I think I am more nervous about flying home than I was coming to Chile, if that is at all possible.
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Re: Leaving Chile before Visa in process..

Postby RuneTheChookcha » Fri Oct 23, 2009 12:41 pm

carica wrote:ChileClic is the government website about legal processes.. ... 33346.html
If you don't want to go in person to the Extranjería, just click on whatever visa you're applying for and then email them where it says "Consultas sobre este trámite." No guarantees that it's 100% correct but they are prompt and have always answered me when I was asking about the status of my permanent residency application

This is to inform the World { :) }, that clicking on the link mentioned in the above post, the clicker is actually directed to a SSL-enabled, on its own sub domain operated, section of the extranjeria website, that is called ORIS:

Having completed (and sent) the online form they provide, you will probably see some confirmation screen, that says:

Informo a a usted, que a través de la Oficina de Información, Reclamos y
Sugerencias (OIRS) hemos recibido su solicitud No. ##### , de fecha ##-##-#### .

De acuerdo a lo anterior, y en cumplimiento a la Ley 19.880, sobre
Bases de los Procedimientos Administrativos, comunicamos a usted que
su solicitud se encuentra en proceso y la sección responsable de
resolver, le enviará la respuesta a la brevedad.

Saluda atentamente a usted,
Departamento de Extranjería y Migración
Ministerio del Interior.

Having submitted my inquiry in the morning, the answer was received the next day, in the late afternoon.

It's starting with the following standard text:
Estimado Señor(a):
Con respecto a la solicitud N° #####.
Se encuentra procesada y en atencion a la Ley de Nuevo procedimiento administrativo No: 19.880, La unidad ha emitido la siguiente respuesta.

<... here their answer goes ...>

Ending with:
Sin otro particular se despide atentamente de Ud.
Departamento de Extranjeria y Migracion
Ministerio del Interior

I'd further say that, just as a high-pressure enema would help a constipated cow to solve their health problems, even so, submitting an inquiry using the website noted above, may help you to straighten out any bureaucratic (or legal) mess, that often arises during your visa application process. Not to say about [possibly] saving much time, and also some money and also some effort.

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